About Cool Bin

Peltia – Automatic Waste Management Storage with Sensor

Peltia is a modern, stylish, and fully automatic waste management storage that can lead you to more hygienic waste management. Having a touchless trash can, there won’t be any chance of getting germs on your hands and therefore, it keeps you and your family members safe from microbes or germs. The surrounding environment will be cleaner and healthier utilizing this state of the art waste management bin that is equipped with an inbuilt compressor. With having this newly-designed trash bin with a sensor, it will be much easier, simpler, and effortless to drop your garbage in it. The built-in compressor will lower the temperature of the trash bin and eventually slows down the decomposition process. No more dealing with a bad and unbearable smell. Sensors make it easy and quick to access the trash bin while ensuring that the lid stays open as needed or soft close automatically after 15 seconds. Pre-order this amazing Automatic trash bin today.

The simple yet beautiful design of this trash bin will be perfect to improve the cleanliness and hygiene of any malls, shops, theatres, parks, homes, offices, etc. Peltia comes with new and enhanced hinges that make no noise while opening and closing the lid. Take a step towards making your home cleaner, healthier, with our Peltia – an automatic trash bin.

What Makes Peltia a Perfect Choice?