Frequently Asked Questions

Peltia is a waste storage solution appliance aiming to replace trash bin, which is  built-in compressor, which effectively eliminates odor resulting in no foul smell. It is also equipped with sensors that will open and close the bin lid automatically making it easy, quick, and touch-free to dispose the waste inside.

It works perfectly to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene at your home or office by collecting all the garbage in its spacious bin. Equipped with compressor, it slows or halts the decomposition process, Naturally, thus eliminates trash foul odor. also. Built in sensitive sensors, the bin lid will open automatically and stay open for almost 15 seconds and that makes it convenient for the user to put the garbage in and out.

Peltia has plenty of unique and cool features at a reasonable price range. We don’t actually categorize this as a trash can or trash bin, rather an Extraordinary Waste Storage Solution Appliance. Some of the key features of Peltia that makes it outstanding in comparison to regular trash bins/trash cans are:

  • Eliminates Odor, Zero foul smell
  • Slows or Halts Decomposition Process, Naturally
  • Uses No Chemical By-Products
  • Energy Efficient, Environmentally Friendly
  • Eliminates Daily Trash Removal Routine Process and Thus Saves Time and Money

Unlike regular/ordinary trash cans/bins, which causes the mundane waste issues such as odor due to decomposition process, bacteria accumulation, etc., Peltia slows or halts this disintegration process, Naturally, thus eliminating the above issues in a very convenient method/form factor.

  • Peltia makes all bacteria and viruses activities to be inactivated and their growth is halted effectively, by simply freezing them.

The user can take a step towards a smarter, cleaner, and healthier surrounding by buying this Uniquely designed Waste appliance. Peltia is not like a mundane trash can that just sits in your kitchen or room and only collects trash. Having Peltia, it actually doing something productive and useful. Peltia makes all bacteria and viruses activities to be inactivated and their growth is halted effectively, by simply freezing them. And thus eliminates the trash mundane trash odor. Since there is no odor, therefore, Peltia eradicates the presence of trash hungry insects such as fruit flies and bugs very effectively.

Peltia can be used anywhere, where human waste is generated such as Homes Workplace, Stores, Medical Centers/Offices, Hospitals, Schools, etc. Peltia is compatible to use any bags or liners available in the market. It is not limited to any proprietary liners or bags.

When used correctly, Peltia can help on shifting the classical waste disposal methodology and the users can be more environmentally supportive by segregating the organic materials and thus makes it easier for these materials to be used in the waste stream such as composting. 

Did we mention it is built in sensor for automatic opening and closing as well!

Peltia can achieve all the above accomplishments, 100% naturally without using any chemical by-products. No other waste management appliance or trash bin can accomplish this task as such.

Undoubtedly, it is worthy to invest in Peltia – the Extraordinary Waste Storage Solution Appliance.