Peltia CoolBin

An Automatic Waste Storage Solution Appliance with Built-In Sensors and Compressor Aiming to Replace Trash Bins/ Trash Cans
With Peltia, waste management becomes easy and smart. Keeping indoor and outdoor premises clean and hygienic is extremely convenient and effective with Peltia.



Built in sensor, Peltia’s lid will open and close automatically, which will provide you a complete touchless experience. The beautifully designed waste storage solution appliance will match perfectly with your kitchen decor. Enjoy putting all kinds of wastes, in the spacious trash can that comes with a built-in compressor Its unique mechanism will also prevent bad odors and eliminate germs growth.

  • Technically Unique
  • Slows or Halts Decomposition Process Naturally
  • Eliminates Order
  • A Complete Hands-Free Operation
  • Eradicates Insect Presences
  • Environmentally helpful/Friendly
  • No Chemical By-Products
  • Noiseless Functionality Due to Soft Lid
  • Automatically Closes Lid After 15 Seconds