Peltia and SB 1383

Peltia and SB 1383 – Simplifying Organic Waste Management

California’s Assembly Bill 1383 (SB 1383) has set forth the ambitious mandate for every Californian household to segregate organic waste. It’s a commendable initiative for a greener future, but the realities of organic waste management – swift decomposition, offensive odors, and the lure for pests – pose genuine challenges.

Introducing Peltia: Your trusted ally in organic waste management.


Effective Waste Storage to Align with SB 1383:

A primary challenge in organic waste segregation is its swift decomposition. With Peltia’s innovative natural freezing technology, this process is notably slowed down. This means households can store organic waste for extended periods without common issues like unpleasant odors, pest attractions, mold and bacteria growth, or space constraints. As a result, residents find it easier to consistently meet the demands of SB 1383..



Built for Varied Waste Management Preferences:

Given the diverse preferences of waste haulers, Peltia offers adaptability. Whether it’s clear plastic, compostable bags, or no bags, Peltia’s design caters to all. Our included plastic pail ensures efficient storage and offers much more capacity than the pails provided by waste haulers. If your hauler provides a specific container, Peltia can accommodate that too.

Designed for Your Lifestyle:

Understanding the diverse lives Californians lead, Peltia’s user-focused design allows for weekly waste disposal. This minimizes the need for frequent trips to outdoor bins and ensures steady compliance with SB 1383.


Paving the Way to a Greener Tomorrow:

Choosing Peltia is more than just about convenience; it’s about championing a sustainable future. Properly managed organic waste reduces harmful methane emissions from landfills. Moreover, when waste haulers process your organic waste, it’s channeled either to composting facilities or to anaerobic digestion plants for electricity generation. Notably, compost derived from Peltia-managed waste consistently meets high-quality standards, unlike the variable results from electric kitchen composters.

Embrace Peltia: Where convenience meets sustainability. Join the green revolution in California and make waste management a breeze.