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How Will You Get Rid of Trash Can Odor, Bacteria, and Germs?

It is obvious that a trash can is not going to smell like a rose, as it collects the waste for the entire day. Trash can odor degrades the indoor air quality, and it can be humiliating and irritating, as it can drift from room to room. Foul-smelling garbage is not just annoying, but it also attracts flies, bugs, rats, and mice that can lead to several health issues. Moreover, the growth of germs and bacteria is also an additional problem that needs to be addressed appropriately. Traditional methods such as using a bin bag in a dustbin or trash can are not going to work for long.


However, here are some tips that will help you get rid of the trash can odor, bacteria, and germs, and they are:


Purschae Peltia – An Anti-Smell Trash Can-: Well, to your surprise, this is an out-of-the-imagination entry that ensures 100% safety of you and your family. Peltia is an intelligently designed, and anti-smell waste storage solution that has some truly next-gen features. It has an in-built compressor, , and highly sensitive sensors making it a perfect trash can for houses, offices, malls, stores, and also hospitals.


  1. This anti smell trash can has an in-built compressor that slows down the decomposition process of the waste, thereby eliminates the foul odor, maintaining the freshness of your indoor ambient.
  2. The natural freezing process ultimately eliminates bacteria and germs growth in the waste; thus, protecting your family and pets from spreading diseases.
  3. Extra sensitive sensors keep the trash can lid open for up to 15 seconds; thus, you can conveniently dispose of the waste, hassle free.
  4. This chic and sharp trash can comes with newly designed and engineered hinges for better handling and use. It does not make any irritating noise as well.


Peltia is a modern & touchless waste storage solution (trash can replacement) that can help you win the war against the foul smell, bacteria, and germs growth in the waste. It is designed to eliminate odor, bacteria, and germs effortlessly and effectively. To learn more about Peltia – an anti-smell trash can, please click here.


Deep Clean Your Trash Can: To clean Peltia, you can use regular water and scrub the interior body of the waste storage (if needed) and the accumulated water on the bottom can easily be drained  by opening the drain lid in the bottom of the container. The water drains away at the side of the Peltia.


Buy Peltia – An Automatic Trash Can That Kills Bacteria and Odor from Trash Can


If you are tired of using those outdated ways to keep your trash can odor out of your house, then it’s time to consider Peltia – A fully automatic and anti-smell trash can that 100% eliminates foul smell and germs from your house and offices. It is a novel innovation that will help you keep your indoor space pure and hygienic. Peltia can help you to get rid of:


  • Smell
  • Germs & bacteria


Chemical By-Products It is just a perfect waste storage solution aimin to replace regular trash can which can be used houses, offices, stores, malls, and hospitals to name a few. To buy Peltia online, please visit our online store at If you have any questions about its uses and efficiency, then please feel free to contact our team of experts at +1-870-657-2281. Our helpful staff will be more than happy to answer your inquires.